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Guaranteed accuracy. 100% done by humans. Faster turn-around than our competitors, even without paying for higher rates. Fast turn-around rates also offered for guaranteed delivery times!

Use our web link to upload your files to our secure server. Have a lot of files? We can assign you your own Space. Completed files can be uploaded to your secure space for you to grab at any time!

Unlike other transcription companies, we provide you with the completed transcript and invoice you for it after its completion. If you have a large number of transcripts, we invoice you in batches (weekly if it’s an ongoing job). We do have an option for you to skip the line on our order page (see below) where you can fill out your information, upload your files and pay ahead. This option does put you at the front of the line and keeps things moving faster.

We accept PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Check, Money Orders and Purchase Orders.

Have files you need transcribed? Click HERE to find our price list, submit your files to us.

What kind of transcription work do we do? That’s a good question! We’ve been in business since 2006 and we accept work from around the world:

  • Academic Dissertations
  • Academic Interviews
  • Academic Lectures
  • Academic Seminars
  • Academic Webinars
  • Media Interviews
  • Media Video Content
  • Media Podcasts
  • Media Documentaries
  • Marketing Meetings
  • Marketing Video Content
  • Marketing Phone Calls
  • Legal Hearings
  • Legal Arbitration
  • Legal Court Transcripts
  • Legal Depositions
  • Police Reports
  • Police Interviews
  • Medical Reports

Beth Lytle

It started from a small corner desk in my spare room in 2006. I’d been splitting my time as a Police Report Typist between two local police departments, but my health issues had me looking for a way to earn an income from home. I started accepting transcription work for myself that year and within 12 months had expanded my team to an additional 9 transcriptionists.

I look for reliable transcriptionists who type a minimum of 80 WPM, but most of us type at least 100 WPM. My team is fast and accurate and provides 100% human-generated work.

1505 Ash Ave.
Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424